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Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament will be governed by FIFA rules and regulation except for modification.

  2. Any player with 2 yellow cards in a game will be sent out of the game and miss one game, during the cost of the tournament if any player accumulate 4 yellow cards in 4 games, that player will miss one game.

  3. Any player giving red card for on the field conduct will be sent out of the game and miss one game.

  4. No player can play for 2 team/state in the tournament if discovered, that team will lose that game.

  5. Any team not on the field 10 minutes after their scheduled time will be walked over. Unless there is a reasonable explanation for their action and the other team agrees to play.

  6. In case of clash of jerseys, the home team will change their jersey. Unless the away team voluntarily agrees to change instead.

  7. In case of a tie after a game, the commissioner and the head official will decide on the next of action (e.g. extra-time or penalties). Because of time factor.

  8. No player or coach is allowed to touch the referees or use. Vanity language against the official. That will result in automatic red card according to the referee discretion, and further discipline by the organization.

  9. In case of tie during the knock out stages, the game will go into extra time and then penalties, in case we are running out of time, it will go to straight penalties.

  10. During the round robbing the winning team bet three points and one points for draw and no point for loosing team. In case of tie the decision will be decided by first, the goals for and goals against and the team that wins among the tie teams.

  11. Top 2 teams from each group will advance to the knockout round.

  12. Round robin state – two 25 minutes halves (no interval) Knockout rounds – two 25 minutes halves (5 minutes interval) Semi-final – 35 minutes each halves (10 minutes interval) Final – 40 minutes each halves (10 minutes interval)

  13. Any team officials or supporters that goes into the field without being call by the referee their team will forfeit that game.

  14. Unlimited substitution...Players can go in and out of the game after notifying the referee.

  15. Tiebreaker: Goal for, Goal against, head to head, and then coin toss.                                                                                       NOTE: Game time, Field allocations. GOOD LUCK

tournament field location